XPlay XPlay(XPA)

Rank 124

XPlay is a cryptocurrency with rank 124

What is XPA? XPA is an abbreviation of the criptocurrency XPlay.

How much was the current cost of XPlay during the last week?

The current cost of XPlay is 0,1465USD now.
The starting price for one XPlay at the beginning of the day was 0,1465USD, the highest cost was 0,1465USD, and the lowest 0,1465USD.
XPlay increases с 0.69% in value during the last hour.
In comparison with the previous day the cost of XPlay has decreases by -3.70%.
For wat week cost of XPlay has decreases by -7.54%.
You can find more detailed information presented hourly in the assembled diagram.
Max price (24h):0,1465USD
Min price (24h):0,1465USD
Start price:0,1465USD
Change last hour:0.69%
Change last day:-3.70%
Change last week:-7.54%

XPlay(XPA) Chart(Last day)

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